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Bali - 18 Mar 2019

What flavors do you crave when it comes to dessert? Do you prefer something smooth or liquid, rich with flavors, a bite that sounds crunchy, a texture that feels so chewy, or dessert that delivers the aromas you love? Everyone enjoys a sweet finish to a meal. Dessert is surely one of the world’s most favorite dishes created by contrasting flavors, aromas and textures. Treat yourself to our homemade desserts at Graze Bali in Maya Sanur Resort & Spa. Anytime is a great moment to indulge your sweet tooth with us. We have a vast array of slice cakes, pies and tart. We also have vast array of full cakes and pies available to order for your special event. Our family-friendly setting is the perfect place to bring friends, kids and family for a hearty meal topped with a delicious dessert.

Every Patisserie has its own mystery Chef working behind the scenes to make the finest dessert creations. Meet Mr. I Wayan Diyan Sudiatmika, the man behind the luscious desserts and pastries we offer is the most important person in our patisserie team. He recently received a Bronze Medal in the Anchor Chef competition. He showcased his extraordinary talents and skill that was judged one of the best, which won him the third place in the pastry category. He expressed his pride on winning this competition by saying;

“It was really inspiring to win such an important national award. Other participants were extremely talented and I feel honored to win the bronze medal in the pastry category. I am so proud of this achievement”, he added.

As one of Indonesia’s entrancing island, Bali has successfully captivated the world’s attention and become the world’s most wanted tourist destination. As time goes by, Bali has become a culinary destination as it is home of several world class and local delicacy restaurants. Anchor Food Professionals has long been providing a New Zealand’s well-known brand. It is once again organizing “Anchor Food Professionals Pastry & Culinary Challenge 2019” to uplift professionals and develop local people to be more innovative in presenting their breathtaking creations.

It is a highly prestigious award of the best Chef and Kitchen artists to compete in various categories. This competition was held in Taman Bhagawan in Tanjung Benoa on last February. Made by fresh coconut, Pastry Chef I Wayan Diyan Sudiatmika tried to modify a classic coconut cake to be an amazing creation and surely makes people love it. This is the perfect coconut cake as it uses a combination of fresh coconut milk and the real coconut extract to bring much coconut flavor. Cake will not be completed without decoration. Decorating a cake is the most important thing to do to make it looks incredible. By using the beautiful and amazing technique he created a mirror effect with translucent sugar glaze.

“Mirror glaze is one of the biggest trends in the cake decorating world. It brings a beautiful mirror shine. You can make many creations; a single color, layer of several colors or a gorgeous marble effect. Pour over the smoothly cake and an indulgence mirror glaze cake is ready to be served” he said.

Inspired by the tropical ambience surrounding Maya Sanur Resort & Spa, he chooses the green color as a reflection of nature and logo of Maya Sanur, while using coconut as the main ingredient as the universal symbol of a tropical island.

Maya Sanur Resort & Spa

Maya Sanur Resort & Spa

Maya Sanur is the ultimate Balinese lifestyle hotel where tropical sophistication meets innovative Bali design.



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