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Events at Maya - 17 Dec 2018

A visit to Bali will definitely give you a perfect vacation goal. It’s a perfect place to offer guests all the blissful indulgences of a relaxing holiday combined with real insights into Bali life through countless fascinating events and celebrations. The most auspicious holiday will occur by this month, where beautiful Christmas decorations will be found everywhere to bring the warmth of festive season while Penjors will be found in every street and avenue to immerse in the celebratory atmosphere of Galungan.


The Balinese celebrate the day of Galungan, which commemorates the triumph of Dharma over Adharma, the victory of good over evil. It is also said to be the day when goodness won the battle against the badness. Galungan is one of the most important Balinese celebrations after Nyepi Day. It’s the beginning of the most important Balinese religious ceremonies. Galungan is celebrated excessively every 210 days due to the Balinese calendar system. This year, the festivity will be started on Wednesday,

26 December 2018. The Balinese usually make offerings and decorate their houses and temples. The whole family usually put on their finest clothes to visit other family and attend temples to pray. You may see the bamboo decorations during Galungan in every street. This is the noticeable characteristic of the festivity, a decoration called “penjor”. Penjors are made from large bamboo decorated with coconut leaves, fruits, seeds, tubers and coconuts which represent the content of nature. You may see these penjors raised outside the Balinese houses. This will be a unique welcome to Bali if you visit this island around this December. Galungan will be celebrated in 10 days celebration. It also marks the moment when the ancestral spirits visit the earth. While the last day of the celebration is called Kuningan, the 10 days after Galungan the moment when the Balinese believes that the spirits will return to heaven. If you are lucky visiting Bali during this period, you will experience all the preparations and activities. The day before Galungan, pigs and chickens are blessed and ceremonially slaughtered as a temple sacrifice. From the meat they usually make traditional dishes to be enjoyed with the whole family. On the Galungan itself, it is time for families. Every Balinese will return home to their family compound. They will go to their village and family temples to pray in the morning and spend their days at home to enjoy the time together. You will witness a spectacular Barong Dance performance in the afternoon. It is strongly believe that Barong will scare away the bad spirits. Its presence means to restore the balance of good and evil in the house. The residents of the house will pray before the dance started. When barong arrives in front of the house, they should give an offering called canang with sesari or money on it after receiving the offering. The Barong will dance and bless your home and family. The procession will come with the rhythm of traditional Balinese music called gamelan.


Christmas is all about spending time with the whole family and your loved ones. It is a time for giving and gathering. People celebrate Christmas in different way for each country. The celebrations always feel more meaningful even with a simple thing. We can decorate our house for Christmas. Put colorful lights, hang mistletoes and decorate the Christmas tree. By the end of November, stunning decorations can be seen everywhere in the main shopping district, mall, hotels, resorts, stores, schools and shopping center. You may see a beautifully decorated Christmas tree in everywhere and people wearing the costume of Santa Clause. The first day of celebration is the day before Christmas which is known as Christmas Eve. We usually celebrate it on 24 December. Many hotels and resorts offer a wide range of Festive activities and program to attract tourists. As we know, Bali has become a popular tourist destination in the world. Many exclusive packages, entertainment and fine dining will be offered to ensure every guest will have an enjoyable festive holiday. On 25 December, all Indonesian television channels broadcast Christmas musical concert to be enjoyed at home with families. In Indonesia, cookies are a must have food to be served during Christmas. Some popular home cooking cookies are made to be enjoyed with family and friends after heading home from Church. If you plan to visit Bali during this period, we ensure you will have a full range of unforgettable moment to experience the most vibrant event that you cannot miss.

Maya Ubud Resort & Spa

Maya Ubud Resort & Spa

Maya Ubud is a luxury 5-star Bali hotel designed to capture the spirit of a traditional Balinese village.



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